About Duckie Cosmetics

Duckie Cosmetics aims to deliver an array of quality selected cosmetics for a more beautiful and confident you. Created to showcase the admiral features of all women, we wanted to formulate products that allowed your true colors to shine in the best possible light. We believe that the world is too small, and life is too short to be faint-hearted when it comes to embracing who you are. With our collection of beautiful eyeshadows and luscious lashes you can seamlessly transform your look to meet any vision you have in mind. In an ever-changing cosmetic industry, it can be discouraging to try and level up with those in the field or those trendy makeup looks that seem to be impossible. At Duckie Cosmetics, we set our duckettes up in a way that fuels their confidence rather than question it.
With our work at Duckie Cosmetics, there are no limits to the creations and works of art you curate with our products. You are the canvas. Items such as our incredibly pigmented eyeshadows encourage you to play and have a full range for who you want to be on any given day. The spectrum of colors can form lasting glistening results and lustrous effects that are worth placing in a museum.
By inspiring those that shop with us, we assist in the daily reminder that you are more than just a mom, a co-worker, or a wife. You are a woman that is beautifully bold in every inch of her being. Our founder began this journey when she was a stay-at-home mom to three young boys. Similar to many other mothers in her position, she felt lost at times, trying to juggle life as a mother and wife while still trying to make herself a priority as well. In her desperation to rediscovery her-self and the confidence she once had, she turned to makeup to see if it would make a difference in how she felt. This transition not only boosted her confidence but made her realize that what she was missing was deep inside her all along. As she started doing makeup back in July of 2018, it wasn’t soon after that Duckie Cosmetics was born.

MIssion Statement

At Duckie Cosmetics, our mission is to provide our customers with the tools they need to transcend the idea of beauty with pigmented shadows and cosmetics. With outer beauty, there is also inner beauty that we strive to see in all that we have contact with. We want each person who shops with us to feel powerful in their skin and radiate in their skin to bring their best version of themselves into the world. Refuse to settle when it comes to expressing your beauty. As we intend on expanding our company, we will do so by remaining committed to our initial values and adjusting based on our customer’s needs. It’s essential that our products are able to make a connection with not only who you are, but how you navigate in your every day life. We encourage you to believe in better. Most importantly, believe in yourself and the value you bring to this world.

Vision Statement

As a black-owned and women-owned company, closing the gaps in the traditional views of cosmetics is what we aim to do at Duckie Cosmetics. We strive to provide our customers with products that will broaden their comfort level within the beauty industry. As an inclusive brand, we serve and love everyone who wants to express themselves through makeup. We have a vision for uniting everyone through beauty. Learning and connecting with one another for the love of cosmetics and lifting the spirits of anyone who wishes to express themselves is what drives us to do what we love every day.

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